Monday, October 19, 2009

Alexa site review Official Low Rating for Daves ESL Cafe

1 Star
One of the worst sites online
You will search valuable information or anything of substance in vain. Dave's Café is the ideal meeting place for bored teenagers and frustrated underpaid English teachers. Dave is showing his personal family pictures on his website - there is no relevance to the subject of ESL whatsoever. Well, but then again Dave himself has never claimed he is offering something useful - his website's name clearly says what to expect: just Dave's cafe...

5 Stars Number 1 for ESL
Site contains help for teacher (question board, jobs, lesson plans, etc.) and resources for students. Also good ESL links.
1 Star
horrid site
its visual dullness doesn't even begin to justify the negative comments here about this site. It is just unimaginative and that is a far worse crime on the web. Continues to benefit from sites linking to it "because it is, afterall, Dave's ESL Cafe" without any real justification for doing so. Should be a case study in how certain sites have lived on reputation alone for years and years on the web. Being first to the waterhole most certainly WAS important in this site's case and to believe otherwise is just putting your head in the sand.
1 Star
I thought this site had been unfairly reviewed
then I saw it! I think the forum is pretty good, but I wouldn't touch anything on the site with a very long barge pole. Very unimaginative materials, mostly contributed by unimaginative teachers.
1 Star
this site is being trashed by every reviewer
...because the site is poor. In the world of internet, respect needs to be earned and not given willy-nilly to "the elderly". This site did lose the plot a long time ago. It is not in any way enough to put up a big forum (where illiterate students and teachers hang out) and have an "Ideas Cookbook" which consists of 1000 ways of filling five minutes. WHERE'S THE BEEF!!!! WHERE'S THE MEAT, MAN?
1 Star
This is a site without no real content and almost no value. Dave Sperling likes to be admired and smiles from the start page of his so called cafe but the reason why he is so happy deludes me. It can't be his site..
1 Star
esl world turns on Dave!!
Shock horror. Thought this site was beyond criticism!!! Doesn't seem like it!! Has been well and truly pulverised here and I tend to agree with most of what is written. Good site for job seekers but few others.
1 Star
So sad -- but he makes money from this rubbish
Living (just) proof of the first mover advantage. A site that looks like it hasn't changed in 7 years, yet is without doubt the most visited ESL-related site. Poorly written, edited designed and run. Congratulations on being first, Dave, but have some pride and do something professional with your site!

5 Stars
great for job search and korea-related discussion
The site is an outstanding source of job postings in the Asian english-teaching scene. There are also ads from Europe and elsewhere but the focus seems to be Asia. There's a large community of English teachers working in Korea posting on the Korea forums here... a good source of information and fun for those of us living and working in Korea. It has proven to be a good place to make friends. The forums on *other* countries, such as China, seem to be less frequented. I do think the teaching materials and professional-interest sections of the website could stand to be updated.

1 Star
Not of much interest
Lots of ads and self promotion. Kind of stale. Very little of real worth. Check out sites like the British Council, BBC or World English for better content

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